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Associate Professor, Department of Software Engineering

Software College, Northeastern University
Shenyang, China

Research Interest

Searching as Learning (SaL)

Beyond 5G (B5G) / 6G Communication

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  • Towards a coherence-oriented complex search experience management method. PHYSICA A: STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 2018, 506.
  • Recommending Queries by Extracting Thematic Experiences from Complex Search Tasks. ENTROPY, 2018, 20(6).
  • Improved online fountain codes. IET COMMUNICATIONS, 2018, 12(18).
  • The concept exploration model and an application. PHYSICA A: STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 2015, 421.
  • EWnFM: An Environment States Oriented Web Service Non-Functional Property Model. ENTROPY, 2015, 17(2).
  • Combining content and relation analysis for recommendation in social tagging systems. PHYSICA A: STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 2012, 391(22).
  • Modeling Consensus Semantics in Social Tagging Systems. JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2011, 26.
  • 面向自主意识的标签个性化推荐方法研究. 电子学报, 2012, 12.
  • 融合关系与内容分析的社会标签推. 软件学报, 2012, 03.
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  • National Science Foundation for Young Scientists of China
  • Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities

Open Source Project

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  • Involving Learning Outcomes in Search Task Identification and Session State Modeling, Finnish Information Retrieval Experts group (FIRE) Seminar, 2019.



Software College

Full-Stack Development Techniques

Full-Stack Development Techniques: Examples and Realizations

Micro-Service Architecture and Design Patterns

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Visual Programming and Applications


  • Designing an Intercourse Level Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Model. PBL 2021 International Conference.
  • 项目式学习的模块化教学内容组织方法实践. 教育教学论坛, 2020(36).
  • 主动学习在《可视化程序设计》课程中的实践. 教育教学论坛, 2018(5).


  • 东北大学精品骨干课
  • 东北大学百种优质教材建设立项教材


  • 教育部产学合作协同育人项目(腾讯公司项目)
  • 东北大学PBL & OBE融合教学改革项目


  • 东北大学PBL教学创新研究中心成立大会主题报告,PBL学习准则在实训课程中的融合与实践,2020
  • 东北大学卓越教师工作坊:PBL教学探索与实践,PBL教学法及其实践,2019

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